Breaking News: Two arrested in connection with area thefts, burglaries


A 47-year-old male and 44-year-old female were arrested Thursday, Aug. 1, in Butte after a search yielded evidence in the burglaries of the Stockman Bar in Sheridan and Stonefly Inn & Outfitters in Twin Bridges.

Chris Tenny, Madison County Deputy Sheriff, followed up on tips from the public that led him to Butte. The Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department, FBI and Montana Parole and Probation assisted him. Evidence of the suspects’ involvement in other Madison County cases was found too. Madison County Undersheriff Roger Thompson said some property was recovered.

“It was definitely a case the public contributed greatly on,” Thompson said. “We appreciate that. We are grateful to work with a public who provide tips we can follow up on and lead to successful cases.”

More than $5,000 worth of methamphetamine was seized during the search. The two suspects remain in custody in Butte on drug charges, and will be charged in Madison County sometime next week. Thompson said the involvement of drugs may lead the investigation into other areas of Montana and into surrounding states.

Deputy Tenny said that this arrest sheds light on the fact that meth is still an issue in Montana, including Madison County.

“We had some cases last year which involved meth,” Tenny said. “Like past burglaries in Madison County and across the state, meth is a driving factor. It’s still out there.”

Names of the suspects will be released sometime next week. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies continue to work on these burglaries and other cases to uncover more information.

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