Breaking News Monday: Flooding concerns officials in Ennis and Twin Bridges

Monday, 4 p.m. – As temperatures drop, officials in both Twin Bridges and Ennis are gearing up local residents for potential flooding from ice jams in the Madison and Beaverhead Rivers.

In Twin Bridges officials are concerned the river will rise as it did last Monday night and top the reinforced levies.

In Ennis, Highway 287 south of town has been closed intermittently throughout the day as water from the Madison River flows across the roadway creating ice problems and navigation issues for all but the stoutest vehicles. Officials are also concerned that water levels in the main river could rise and cause some flooding within town.

County emergency response officials are working with town officials and fire department personnel to help notify residents of the potential hazard, said Madison County Communications Coordinator Steve DiGiovanna in a email released at 3:30 p.m.

The National Weather Service in Great Falls has a flood warning in effect for both the Ennis and Twin Bridges area.

One Response to Breaking News Monday: Flooding concerns officials in Ennis and Twin Bridges

  1. Jan Beekman says:

    Hi Greg,
    The snow drifts in the Madison River lowland south of Cameron and the darn river gorging that flooded 287 over ODell Creek kept our friends, Richard & Pamela Lessner, from being able to come and celebrate Pam’s birthday for dinner last night. They tried digging their way out, but to no avail! The drifts caused by snow and wind kept them from coming to dinner last Thanksgiving, too. Living out south of Cameron may be beautiful, but it can be confining when the weather gets like this! Too bad it happens on such special occasions!! Thank God for today’s beautiful sunshine. At least they can enjoy the scenery from their lovely home. Can you post a picture on of 287’s flooding?

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