Twin Bridges basketball claims solid wins over Sheridan

The Twin Bridges varsity basketball programs put on an impressive display of dominance at home on Saturday night, beating the Sheridan Panthers soundly and looking to carry momentum into the second half of their respective seasons.

Hannah Konen, the lone senior on the Twin Bridges Lady Falcons’ roster, led her team in scoring with 15 points on the way to a 60-39 win over the Lady Panthers. Having played varsity as an underclassman, Konen felt the pressure of having more experience than her teammates.  She naturally assumed a leadership role and she credited the Lady Panthers defense for putting up a good fight.

“They did a really good job breaking our zone, so we definitely had to stop that and go back into man,” Konen said of the Lady Falcons’ defensive strategy.

Konen said that defense was the key to success for Twin Bridges and added that it’s also an area where her team can improve.

“It’s always defense for us,” she said. “Forcing turnovers and getting lay ups, that’s what we mostly always concentrate on every game.”

While it felt good to get the win against local rival Sheridan, Konen did not dwell on it for long.  She looked forward to the remainder of the Lady Falcons’ basketball season.

“We’re just going to have to concentrate on getting better. We’ve improved so much already, but our man to man defense has to get better,” she said. “I think if we can win next week against Gardiner and Harrison, that’s really going to give us some momentum and push us through tournaments.”

During the 7 p.m. boys’ game, the Twin Bridges Falcons took an early lead against a young Sheridan Panthers squad and never looked back. The Falcons took advantage of their speed and used it to run away to a 73-19 victory, with senior Cole Miotke leading the team with game high points. Afterwards, Moitke claimed that the team’s agility and quickness during transition got them the win.

“We’re a fast team, we don’t have much size so we like to get out on the break a lot,” he said. “I don’t think anybody can play with us when we run the ball.”

Falcons’ head coach Brad Elser said the team struggled to come back focused after Christmas vacation and that Saturday was a big test to see what they would do the rest of the season.

“After getting snowed in and games cancelled and school cancelled, it’s one of those ones where you come in to coach a little scared of what’s going to happen,” Elser said. “We didn’t show up last week and we really struggled so it was one of those gut check times for our seniors.”

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