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End in sight for construction of library addition

In just two or three short weeks, the construction of the addition on the Thompson-Hickman County Library will be finished, according to assistant librarian Christina Koch.
“We do not have an exact completion date, but it will be two to three weeks from now,” Koch told The Madisonian. “Then we will have to move all of our furniture, purchase more furniture and set everything up.”

Ruby Valley Hospital administration explains how they plan to pay for $10.7 million facility

The Ruby Valley Hospital is just a few short steps away from receiving a $9,995,000 loan from the United States Department of Agriculture. That loan, combined with grants and community fundraising will fund the construction of a $10.7 million new hospital, according to administrator John Semingson.
The nearly $10 million loan is for 40 years, according to chief financial officer Dennis Holschbach.

Basketball season preview

Though the weather outside is far too delightful to be considered winter, action on the hard court is ramping up for the 2014-15 basketball season. With teams playing their first games this week, action for the four Madison County high schools is sure to impress. Each area coach was asked to provide his or her outlook for this season. Here is a look at some of the local talent who will try to get the job done in the 2014-15 basketball campaign.

Please return my sweet golden retriever

On Friday, Sept. 12, at approximately 10 a.m., I was opening my little store in Ennis with the help of my golden retriever. I was interrupted for a very brief time by a phone call and in that short period of time, someone(s) decided to dognap my sweet 6-year-old golden. I’m a senior citizen and she is my companion dog. Now two hearts are broken and it’s very difficult to be here alone. You know where you got her so please return her. No questions. $1,000 reward. Or get in touch with White and White Veterinary Clinic in Ennis, and I will come get her.

Debate continues over public access from roads

How far do public rights-of-way extend from a county road?

The issue is still undecided, two years after Fifth Judicial Court Judge Loren Tucker ruled that public use of the Seyler Lane Bridge doesn’t guarantee public use of the Ruby River from the land around that bridge. And it’s been 10 years since the issue first arose in court.