Class C All Conference Teams Selected

A handful of student athletes from Madison County were recently recognized for their performance on the football field this fall by being nominated for the 2012 Southern Class C 8 Man All Conference Teams.

Class C director for the Montana Coaches Association, Jim Oberweiser, said that while not everyone feels that individuals should be honored in a team sport environment, he doesn’t think it hurts for student athletes to be recognized for the time, effort and skills they bring to the game.

“We try to make the best decisions that we can as to what ball players we think are the kids that need to be recognized as maybe the best tailback or the best quarterback,” said Oberweiser.

Student athletes are nominated by their respective coaches, but coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players.

“Quite often the vote is going to be unique, so we might have one boy with 15 votes and another with 10 and another with 5,” Oberweiser explained. “Then that person would probably be our first team all conference, then second team all conference and then if there are enough votes that warrant it you might have honorable mention.”



First Team:

QB Dalton Bullock, Ennis

FB Tucker Ott, Ennis

TB Cole Miotke, Twin Bridges

TB Roy Moen, Ennis

C Derek Wham, Ennis

G Max Orrin, Twin Bridges

TE Reid Farnes, Ennis

WR Connor Sullivan, Ennis


Second Team:

G Braydon McKitrick, Ennis

TE Mike Tilstra, Sheridan

P Mike Tilstra, Sheridan

Honorable Mention:

QB Xavier Harris, Sheridan

G Colton Shand, Ennis

WR Michael Pfertsh, Twin Bridges



First Team:

DB Connor Sullivan, Ennis

S Michael Pfertsh, Twin Bridges

DE Braydon McKitrick, Ennis

DE Max Orrin, Twin Bridges

NT Derek Wham, Ennis

LB Cole Miotke, Twin Bridges

K Cole Miotke, Twin Bridges


Second Team:

DE Mike Tilstra, Sheridan

LB Roy Moen, Ennis

K Dalton Bullock, Ennis


Honorable Mention:

DB Jesse Pfertsh, Twin Bridges

S Xavier Harris, Sheridan

DE Colton Shand, Ennis

NT Riley Novich, Twin Bridges

LB Tucker Ott, Ennis

LB Keny Stoffel, Sheridan

K Keny Stoffel, Sheridan

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