Accommodating easy access: ‘It’s all about working together’

“This is the kind of stuff that happens when everyone is on the same page,” said Ruby Valley resident Mark Savinski, gesturing at a new access site on Lewis Lane where it crosses the Ruby River.

Savinski, who moved to the Ruby Valley full time three years ago after recreating in the area for years, along with his friend Howard Chrest, who has called Sheridan home since 1960, reached out to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks earlier this year about making it easier for recreators to access the Ruby River.

“On county bridges, there’s a public right of way and a requirement for reasonable access through fences that abut the bridge,” explained Matt Jaeger, FWP fisheries biologist. “There needs to be an alternative in place that allows landowners to meet their management goals for their ground, but also allows people seeking to recreationally use the stream in accordance with stream access law to get through the fence.”

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