Accident near Cameron claims Madison Valley woman

A 71-year-old part time Madison Valley resident died Saturday night in a single car accident east of Cameron.

Gale Wyler, who split time between the Madison Valley and Mill Valley, Calif. was in the passenger seat of a Honda sports utility vehicle Saturday night, with her stepson driving, said Madison County Undersheriff Roger Thompson.

Also in the car were Wyler’s husband and daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.

The vehicle failed to navigate one of the 90-degree turns on the Bear Creek Loop road east of Cameron and rolled, partially ejecting Wyler, who appeared to be the only one in the vehicle not wearing a seatbelt, Thompson said.

The Madison Valley Volunteer Fire Department, the Ennis Ambulance and Summit Air all responded to the accident. But Wyler had sustained severe head injuries as she was caught under the rolling vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene by a doctor from the Madison Valley Medical Center who happened on the scene of the accident.

The cause of the accident is under investigation and officials are unsure if alcohol was a contributing factor, Thompson said.

The 90-degree corner where the accident occurred seemed to have caught the driver by surprise and since it was on the gravel portion of the road, the vehicle started fishtailing as the driver tried to make the corner, he said. The vehicle didn’t roll completely before coming to a stop. No one else in the vehicle was injured.

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