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Susanne Hill – Publisher • (406) 596-0661


Erin Leonard – Publisher  •  (406) 570-0254

Geoff Hamill – Editor • (406) 579-2615


Caitlin Avey – Staff Reporter

Caitlin is a Montana native and graduate from the University of Montana School of Journalism.

I enjoy talking to people and love writing long form features, where I can dive deep into history and tell a story. I like to travel, hike, ski and do whatever I can to get outside. I love dogs, anything purple and the occasional Sunday nap. I lived in Sheridan from age four to 10 before moving to Big Timber, Mont. I spent two years at Jamestown College in Jamestown, N.D., as a music education major until I joined the school ewspaper and found a calling in journalism. I transferred to University of Montana to pursue journalism and graduated in the spring of 2014. I recently moved back to Sheridan to work for a family friend through the tax season and started freelancing for The Madisonian, and now I’m here! I’m excited to be part of the team and learn from the staff – to broaden my skills and finally put my degree to good use! I can’t wait to get to know more of Madison County. • (406) 930-0795



Tina Blair – Sales and Circulation Assistant

Tina was born and raised in Southern California, and moved to Austin, Texas, in 1995. She recently found her way to beautiful Ennis after more than 22 years in Texas. Tina’s heart will always hold a special place for California and Texas. Right now, however, Montana is filling it up and Tina can’t imagine this not being forever! Tina is a mom to two boys, this pretty much fills up her time outside of work. The oldest just started his first year at Montana State University in Bozeman – YES, this was a bonus in the move to Montana, though Tina didn’t move to college with him – haha! The whole family just happened to fall in love with Montana and were lucky enough to have the opportunity to move here. Tina’s youngest is a freshman at Ennis High School and was most excited and ready to move to Montana – he talked about it for two years before making the move. June 2018 Tina will marry a Montana native that found his way to Texas and couldn’t get back to Montana soon enough. He grew up right in Ennis, graduate of Ennis High School, and is sharing this great small town and gorgeous Montana with Tina and the boys. Tina has a background in pharmaceutical sales as well as branded merchandise sales. Although she spent most of her time as an operations manager, she has always worked in sales – Tina loves people, meeting new people and chatting. As a newbie to Ennis it makes it that much more exciting in her role with The Madisonian – Tina will get to meet new people, learn about the town from different perspectives, visit and share advertising opportunities from Ennis all the way through the county meeting new people. Tina is super excited about working with the team  and learning all about the news industry. • (512) 762-6691

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Mailing address: P.O. Box 365 • Ennis, MT 59729
Physical address: 65 N. MT Hwy 287
tel. (406) 682-7755 • fax (406) 682-5013

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