A positive attitude goes a long way

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A few weeks ago, I hopped a plane to Las Vegas to spend a quick 40 hours celebrating my best friend’s 21st birthday. Now, when you meet me, my personality does not scream VEGAS, but Grace is like a little sister to me, and I would do anything to spend time with her. That meant I braved pool time on a 105 degree afternoon and rallied for partying until the wee hours. Everything considered, the time spent with the birthday girl, her mother and her sister-in-law was great fun. On the plane home, my sides hurt from constant laughter, but my feet hurt even worse due to the torturous shoes I wore … thanks, fashion!

While the flight home was uneventful, the flight to Vegas was a lesson in patience and the importance of positive thinking. The air time of the first leg to Salt Lake City was less than an hour. But can you remember experiences in your life that seemed to last forever? We were on a small, regional plane and we were packed in like sardines! I was first to my row and crossed my fingers, hoping my seat mate would not show and I would have extra room. But, lo and behold, the last person to board came sidling down the aisle with two large bags and stopped.

I consider myself a friendly sort, so I smiled and struck up some small talk before burying my nose in a book and turning up my headphones. A few minutes after takeoff, my neighbor started rummaging for what turned out to be a snack. Now, I’m not against someone eating on a plane. But my seat mate pulled out canned tuna and proceeded to mix it with pickle relish, and then nibbled on the overwhelmingly pungent treat for the entire flight! I felt myself dropping into a sullen mood, and I like tuna! But wait, I cautioned myself, what if my neighbor hadn’t eaten for hours and tuna happened to be what she had available? At this point, I made a conscious decision to overlook this aggravating olfactory experience and not allow it to impact my mood. A large part of overcoming bumps-in-the-road is creating and maintaining a positive attitude. Resolve to have a great day, and I bet you will! A large part of having a good day is a positive attitude, so make the decision to be happy.

The resolve of The Maidsonian’s staff to remain positive was tested the week before my Vegas adventure when our office had a little photo shoot. Susanne’s good friend, Boyd, was traveling through town and he graciously agreed to work with four women for the afternoon, with the goal of getting a few professional head shots. Boyd is a pro – he actually got photos where the four of us look like calm, responsible adults. He also snapped some outtakes where our weird personalities shine.

When we stepped outside to take a few group shots in the sunshine, our patience was tested. In true Madison County fashion, it was a day with gale force winds … I’m pretty sure I saw a cow blow across the highway. But, instead of letting the wind ruin our shoot and our day, we adapted! And look at the result!


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