A look at the candidates for Ennis Town Commission

In this year’s election, voters in Ennis have five choices for four open commissioner spots.

Three of the open spots are for four-year terms. One spot is for a two-year term, which is the remainder of the term won by Susie Baldwin two years ago. Becky Vujovich is currently filling this spot and long-time commissioner Pat Clancey is the only candidate who is running to fill it.

The remaining four candidates are vying for four-year terms. Audra Bourk, Vujovich and John Bancroft are all incumbents. Amanda Newell is the lone challenger looking for a spot on the commission.

Bourk was appointed to the commission less than a year ago to fill a spot left when Diane McPhetres resigned.

One major issue facing the town now is a survey the town is preparing for residents to get their feelings on things like town services, growth and infrastructure. The response to this survey will be key as the commission moves forward, Bourk said.

Bancroft has served on the commission for 12 years and his main concern moving forward is the town infrastructure and finding ways to keep it updated and repaired.

“I was totally against the sales tax, because it would have hurt businesses, but I’m for a mill levy to repair the streets,” Bancroft said.

Clancey has served on the commission for 10 years and like Bancroft, he’s concerned with the town’s infrastructure and how to pay for upgrades and improvements.

Vujovich is concerned about Ennis’ deer population.

“It’s probably one of the most common issues voiced to me,” she said.

But whatever issue that comes before the town commission, it’s important that commissioners inform and prepare themselves to make the best decisions, Vujovich said.

“We need to be extremely prepared before we move forward or vote on anything like that and I think that is something we’ve struggled with in the past,” she said.

Newell has lived in Ennis for four years and is the wife of Ennis Police Chief Scott Newell. She has never held public office and currently serves on the Ennis Planning Board.

She’s running for town commission because she doesn’t feel citizens are being listened to as well as they could be.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people and I think that they feel like most of the council has not listened to them in the past,” she said.

She also believes that she could help bring some efficiency to the commission that would ultimately help save taxpayers money.

Voters in Ennis should have already received their mail in ballots, which must be returned to the Madison County Clerk and Recorder in Virginia City by 8 p.m. Nov. 8.

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