MRL storing empty cars between Whitehall, Twin Bridges

Around 500 empty tank cars rolled to a stop on the railroad between Whitehall and Twin Bridges at the end of January.

“Montana Rail Link is currently storing (the) empty tank cars for regional rail shippers on our Whitehall to Twin Bridges branch line,” according to a press release from Jim Lewis, MRL public affairs officer. “At this time it is unclear how long the empty cars will be in storage.”

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Hi readers,

Last week, I was once again reminded how generous our community is. I came to work early one morning and discovered a grocery bag tied to the front door handle. In the bag, I found beautifully wrapped packages with letters for two of The Madisonian’s columnists and someone we featured in the paper earlier this year. I quickly called or emailed the recipients of the packages and they came to collect their gifts.

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